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Lorraine Varnes Holiday Gift Set.  


Includes 10 Full Sizes Cosmetic Items + a Deluxe Travel Makeup Bag.   Choose your favorite without any additional purchase required.


SET Includes:


  • Full-Size Bronzing & Contour Powder Palette
  • J'adore Ultimate Lip Plumper

  • Diamond Highlighter

  • Golden Highlighter

  • Damask Metallic Lipgloss

  • Berry Metallic Lipgloss

  • Coral Orange Lipstick

  • Pink Plum Lipstick

  • Microfiber Makeup Sponge - Pink

  • Purple Diamond - Makeup Brush 7 Pcs Set

Lorraine Varnes Holiday Gift Set - WHITE Cosmetic Bag

50,00$ Precio
15,00$Precio de oferta
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