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USB Rechargeable Automatic Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer ultraviolet light make up brush cleaner.


Cosmetic Make Up Brush Cleaner Tool, Switch Automatic Spin Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner And Dryer Machine.


It is recomended you clean your make up brushes every two to four weeks, but traditional cleaning methods are messy, laborious and can leave brushes wet and unusable for up to 24 hours.  This product cleans and drys brushes - ready to re-use in just 20 seconds. 



  • USB Charge Cable
  • 2 hours full charge, battery power display
  • UB desingection light, completely eliminating bacteria from brush head
  • Can clean 200 brushes with a fully charged battery
  • Two speed modes
  • Alloy connector, Makeup Brush will never get offduring cleaning
  • 4 pieces of food-grade silicone holders, brush handle size range 3mm-31mm


Note :  Do not work continuously for more than 20 minutes

Add liquid soap and water to bo

Brush Cleanser or (BB Shampoo)

Dip the brush up and down in the liquid removing residue

Spin the brush inside the liquid

Spin de brush

Dismantle all parts, dry and box for future use

What happens if you don't clean your make up brushes?


When we use make-up brushes regularly, it keeps collecting make-up residue, the oil and grime from your skin, and the germs from where you have stored it. If you do not clean the brushes regularly, all these impurities on your brushes end up clogging your skin which eventually leads to severe acne and breakouts.

USB Rechargable Brush Cleaner

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