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TURQUOISE Gold - Makeup Brush 10pcs Set - Deluxe


1. Large Concealer Brush

2. Powder Brush

3. Blush Brush

4. Highlighter Brush

5. Contour Brush

6. Eyelash Brush

7.  Eyrshadow Brush

8. Angled Eyebrow Brush

9. Lip Brush

10. Lip & Liner Brush


Made from high-grade synthetic fibers Provide a whole set of brushes including 10 brushes of different sizes The bristles are all soft and silky to the touch They apply makeup evenly and are easy to clean Each brush is designed with long, easy-to-grip handle for precision during application Hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types.

Turquoise - Makeup Brush 10 Pcs Set

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29,99$ Precio
9,00$Precio de oferta
White: Turquoise
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