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SET - Eyebrow Powder + Double End Eyebrow Brush


Lorraine Varnes Eyebrow Powder:  Soft-Matte & Waterproof – Outstanding color, fine & smoot powder texture.   The colors blend well and will help you achieve a completely natural appearance.


The powders can also be layered for a more dramatic appearance, it can draw the more dimensional eye shape and creates the look of soft volume definition, making your eyebrow looks full and natural.  


Long-lasting Powder, so it will last all day and night. The bestselling powder  comes in six different shades, so you can find the one that works best for you.


Organic, Vegan, all natural and professional grade brow powder that blends seamlessly and lasts all day.


Double End Eyebrow Brush - A dual-ended brow brush for perfectly shaped brows. An angled flat brush that precisely sweeps color through brows and mimics natural hairs.


The angled brush has firm bristles that allows you to create clean and defined edges, while the spoolie end blends the product into your brow hair to create a natural look.

SET - Eyebrow Powder + Double End Eyebrow Brush - (6 Colors)

34,99$ Precio
10,50$Precio de oferta
  • For best results.  Brush your eyebrows outward and upward with a mascara brush, pick a powder 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color and draw a line across the bottom of your eyebrows with a small, angled brush.  Start filling in your brow using a powder. Touch your brush in the brow powder, tap off some excess powder on the side of the powder container, and start to lightly fill in the top and bottom edges of your brow. When filling in, follow in the direction of your hair growth.

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