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NANO Mist Facial Spray - Beauty Care Facial Steamer.  The mist spray is a fashionable and elegant portable beauty care product integrates with skin moisturizing function by using the ultrasonic vibration technology.  By breaking down the water-base skin care into nano level thin mist, the sprayer ejects the mist to your face and effectively moisturizing basal layer of the skin, thus keep the skin radiante and tendering.


  • Hydrates your skin
  • Softens lines and wrinkles
  • Makeup look glow and smoother 
  • Prevents dry dull skin 
  • Your skin appears more youthful
  • Cures eyelash extension adhesive in 30 seconds
  • Hydrate Hair & Skin.
  • Use with water-based skin care product to enhance its absorption.
  • 30 seconds automatic use time control.
  • Small and convenient, easy to carry, to hydrate your skin anytime, anywere.


What are the benefits of nanotechnology on Skin Care devices as NANO Mist Spray?

The beauty benefits of the Nano mist facial spray are too good to ignore. You skin will look buttery smooth, youthful, and hydrated. Deeply hydrates your skin, your makeup looks smoother – your skin will appear more youthful, cures eyelash extension adhesive in 30 seconds and will add glowing to your makeup.
By using nano spray, the nanoparticles originating from water infused; can maximize the nutrients from the water, especially infused water in terms of preventing premature aging and anti-aging. 
Eventually, nanotechnology is being used in cosmetics to keep our skin more youthful and provide protection from harmful sunlight and may help us reverse aging at a cellular level. 

NANO Mist Facial Spray

39,99$ Precio
12,00$Precio de oferta
    1. The product is for personal beauty care only, do not use for other purpose.
    2. Do not use the product if there is any discomfort when using it.
    3. The divise is not intend to use with oil-based or water insoluble cosmetic product, and some skin care solutions need to be diluted before use.
    4. Do not use mineralized water or water with imputities as they my block the atomizing hole of the divice.
    5. The product is non-washable; do not wash it in water.
    6. Do not over-load the water container, liquid come out the container may distroy the circuit of the product.
    7. Slip up to shut off the divice when treatment is finished.
    8. The device is not intend to repair or disassemble by user, maintenace is only allowed to performed by authorized service spot.
    1. Clean the mist outlet with cotton swabwhen there is small size dirt on it.
    2. Wipe up the water droplet on mist outlet with cotton swab after adding water, or lay down this product and slide down the slip cover to make it atomizing automatically.
    3. Slide down the slip cover completely to turn on the divice, and the LED will light on when it working.
    4. If the mist become small, please shake the divice to realease the air bable that caused by continous working, if the problem not resolved, please check if the battery is low and proceed to charge the divise.
    5. When mistakenly use make up oil and the divise stop to spraying, please take the following steps to clean:   Remove the water container, gently wipe the micro pore with alcohol swab, slide down the slip cover, wipe the mistoutlet gently with cotton swab and then test the devise with some clean water.
    6. If there is liquid come out from the container, please check if the water container and the seal sillicone part is placed in the right place and wipe the water with tissue.
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