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The little pink pointed-egg sponge is the secret to well-blended face makeup.


The soft, non-abrasive material gives the result of very small fibers — smaller than a strand of silk — which give the sponge its unique, velvety texture.


  • This Microfiber Makeup Sponge Is Actually a Brush and Sponge Hybrid.

  • Dual-Use Wet or Dry – Specially designed teardrop shape helps apply liquid and powder products, wet or dry.

  • Do not contain any latex components, allergy free.

  • Comparing with ordinary make up appliance, contains more Vitamin E, stay away from drying out.

  • Good performance on grease resistance.

  •  No flaky during using.

Lorraine Varnes - Microfiber Makeup Sponge - Pink

SKU: 8 50010 68828 2-P
6,99$ Precio
2,10$Precio de oferta
White: Light Pink
  • Can be used with wet or dry makeup due to its fused capabilities of a sponge and a makeup brush. It's recommended for use with a creamy foundation.

  • Can be cleaned with any bath soap + warm water.  Squeezes gentle until all product buildup get out, so your sponge will last longer.

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